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Coping with Climate Anxiety

Become a warrior, not worrier.

When asked about the future, 75% of all young people surveyed described it as "frightening."

A global study conducted in ten countries reveals that 45% of young people suffer from climate anxiety.

A strange thing about climate change is that it is something we are all concerned about but find difficult to express. There are many reasons for this, but the main one is that climate change can sometimes be terrifying. Our peaceful mindset is routinely interrupted by apocalyptic images showing extreme weather trends impacting vulnerable communities worldwide.

Impossible to avoid, the climate crisis can be scary. It's easy to feel a sense of dread in the face of such all-consuming, bleak data.

You are not alone.

The climate crisis affects our mental health through an overwhelming sense of apprehension and fear. We realize the severity of our impact on the planet and share an existential worry about the future.

Your feelings are valid.

It's not just that we're killing the trees or depleting natural resources—we're harming something greater than ourselves: the entire human race and our home on this planet. These concerns are normal and shouldn't make you feel ashamed; they can be utilized as ammunition to change the world.

You can be a force for good.

Feel empowered to be what's right in the world. Make an effort to live sustainably every day. You won't always be perfect. But doing your best to live with the planet in mind will ease anxiety.

3 fun ways you can reduce carbon pollution.


Going to a concert with your friends? Reduce vehicle emissions by riding together. Find a central location to meet and carpool together. Less traffic, less exhaust, and more time for fun with friends.

Thrift your next outfit

With 85% of clothes ending up in landfills, there's no better feeling (for your closet and planet) than finding an incredible piece of clothing sitting on the rack in a thrift store.

Explore a vegetarian diet

It's a fact: plant-based foods require less energy (and produce less emissions) than animal products. You may not be ready to commit to a 100% vegetarian diet, which is totally understandable, but you can start with 1 or 2 meals per week.

In Summary

We share your climate anxiety. Such a global issue is incredibly daunting.

Become a climate warrior (not worrier) by making eco-friendly choices daily to positively impact the planet.


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