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4 Inspiring Women Live Tweeting from COP27

Follow these climate activists to stay in the know.

COP27 is underway in Egypt. Government leaders from across the globe are gathering to discuss all things climate.

While we're stuck here at home, many of the world's leading climate activists are present at the summit and keeping us in the know through Twitter.

Need a COP27 refresher? We got you.

Here are 4 awe-inspiring female activists live tweeting from the event.

Sophia Kianni

Sophia is an Iranian-American environmentalist studying climate science and public policy at Stanford University. She represents the U.S as the youngest member of the inaugural United Nations Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change.

Watch her TED Talk here.

Dominique Palmer

Dominique is a Youth Climate Justice Activist, storyteller, writer, model, and undergraduate student in the U.K who believes in mobilising people for climate action and uniting the arts for the planet to create a cultural shift.

Learn all about the incredible work Dominique has accomplished here.

Kate Brandt

Named as One of the 40 Women Who Have Made the Biggest Impact on the World, Kate Brandt leads sustainability across Google's worldwide operations and was Obama’s Environmental Executive.

Watch Kate's Ted Talk on circular economy.

Nameerah Hameed

Policy Specialist, Speaker & Community Builder, Nameerah is the Founder and Chair of

Women in Energy Pakistan and currently works with Climate Outreach.

Let us know who else you're following in the comments below.

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