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6 Podcasts for the Climate Curious

Your guide to sustainability and climate solutions from the world's best podcasts.

This playlist is the perfect way to learn about the significance of the climate crisis from leaders in tech, comedy, science, and sustainability.

Some are funny, some are serious; they all will embolden you to make a significant impact for the planet.

Keep reading for a breakdown of each pod.

1). How to Save a Planet

One of the most widely known climate change podcasts, "How to Save a Planet" will invigorate your "I can change the world" attitude. This pod is full of smart, inspiring stories about the mess we're in and how we can get ourselves out of it.

At the end of every episode, a ​"call to action" segment gives listeners concrete ways to take climate action. Unfortunately, Spotify abruptly canceled the series in October 2022 (boo…), but you can still listen back through the archives.

2). Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard: Bill Gates Book Talk

Bill Gates joins Dax & Monica to talk about his bestselling book, "How to Avoid a Climate Disaster." In his book, Gates presents what he learned over a decade of studying climate change and investing in innovations to address global warming.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has pledged over 1.5 billion dollars toward finding solutions to mitigate the effects of climate change.

3). Comedians Conquering Climate Change

The funniest, friendliest, and shortest podcast addressing today's critical climate topics. Comedian, writer, and teacher Esteban Gast enlists the help of fellow comedians to single-handedly save the planet.

Each week features a new guest comedian discussing a range of topics—from climate pledges and receding hairlines to clean energy jobs and sick beats—and sharing one way to take action.

4). just to save the world.

Philip Aiken hosts a podcast whose mission is to travel the world of sustainability through stories of innovators in green buildings, renewable energy, regenerative agriculture, nature conservation, and sustainable lifestyles.

The most recent episode features Caulin Donaldson, a TikTok star who picked up trash in his local community for 500 days straight. The podcast covers various topics, all tying into how positivity inspires action.

5). The Ezra Klein Show: Bill McKibben on the Power That Could Save the Planet

Named a best podcast of 2021 by Time, Vulture, Esquire, and The Atlantic, this will surely stretch your brain and fuel your activism.

Bill McKibben joins Era Klein to talk about this dawning era of the climate fight we're entering and what changes the environmental movement will need to make to meet this moment. "For the first time, humanity has at our fingertips the tools needed to end humanity's millenniums-long dependence on burning things for energy — and to save our climate in the process," McKibben argues.

6). Ted Climate: An Action Plan for Solving the Climate Crisis

Dan Kwartler unpacks the problems and solutions behind significant systemic issues in bite-sized episodes. You'll find out which bag is best for the planet, imagine our world without humans, and follow the international journey of the very shirt on your back.

Yes, they talk about the bleak stuff—it's a crisis, after all—but they also share little ways you can make changes in your daily life, your towns and cities, and your workplaces to help change climate change.

What did we miss?

Let us know what you're listening to in the comments below.


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