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Kendall Jenner Saving the Environment, One Sip at a Time

If you didn't think Kenny could be any more of a powerhouse--you're wrong!

Kendall Jenner’s tequila brand, 818 Tequila, is committed to emphasizing the Earth’s importance in every aspect of production. Tequila is made from a plant called the agave plant. The problem with the agave industry, as in any industry, is the war to find a happy medium between supply-and-demand & overconsumption. As a result of other negative practices, such as child labor, there is a growing demand for transparency and authenticity within the industry.

818 aims to nurture a brand that not only uses sustainable practices of farming, but also aims to give back to the local community of Jalisco, Mexico. The discarded agave fibers from the distillation procedure will be used to make environmentally friendly bricks. These bricks will then be used to make homes.

818 claims that their glass supplier is a strong supporter of the industry-wide switch to natural gas energy sources. Furthermore, the labels, corks, and boxes that the Forest Stewardship Council has certified come from sustainably managed forests.

Moving forward, 818 plans to become a certified B corp and plans to make further strides in sustainable agave farming & tequila production.

All images in this article are owned by respective owners of 818.


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