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Patagonia’s Big In-VEST-ment

The fly-fishing, mountain-climbing, and whitewater-kayaking founder of Patagonia is giving away his (and his family’s) entire stake in the company he built.

Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia’s founder, announced all future profits will be donated to help fight climate change.

The decision comes after a two-year process sparked by his appearance on Forbes’s billionaire’s list. “I was in Forbes magazine listed as a billionaire, which really, really pissed me off,” he told the Times.

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✅ Loves the Outdoors

✅ Billionaire

✅ Passionate about Climate Action

Patagonia’s commitment to sustainability is unmatched.

Learn more about the company in this video.

Fall is here, and the vests will surely follow.

Be sure to thank all the Patagonia-loving friend groups for their contribution.


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