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7 books on sustainability

When you read a book, it's not just an escape. It's also an opportunity to learn something new—and potentially change the way you exist in the world.

What we read shapes our minds. If you're interested in living more sustainably, it's important to read books that will help shape your mentality and spark ideas for new things to try.

Here are books to inspire active sustainability.

They cover many genres and topics—from fiction to nonfiction and everything in between. They are sure to spark your curiosity and provide you with some great ideas on how you can make small changes in your life that will have big impacts on the planet.


A grounded and resilient leader is waiting to be born inside you—one who doesn’t just believe a better world is possible but who is eager and excited to do everything possible to make that world a reality.

We should act not because it’s our duty but because we recognize the beautiful and exciting opportunity we have to participate in the shift toward an even better world.

Science-Based Solutions

To solve the seemingly-insurmountable climate crisis, we have to take collective action, drive societal change and accelerate the net-zero economy using a plan of speed and scale. And we have to start now.

Featuring exclusive interviews with the world's most influential climate thinkers, including Bill Gates and Al Gore, this is the definitive plan of action which will save our planet.


by Megean Weldon

Megean Weldon’s An (Almost) Zero-Waste Life is a gorgeously designed book full of ideas on creating less waste, from concocting your own cleaning solutions to composting the proper way. It’s chock full of recipes for adjusting the life you’re used to — without all the plastic waste.

Slightly Irreverent

by Ruth Ozeki

Ruth Ozeki’s novel intermingles themes such as motherhood, environmental justice and ecological practice to explore the appalling use of growth hormones in the US meat industry from a feminist ecocritical perspective.

The novel employs a “documentary” narrative mode and begins with a TV cooking show – sponsored by a meat company. While filming the show, Jane Takagi-Little, the director, encounters a vegetarian lesbian couple who reveal the ugly truth about using growth hormones within the livestock industry. The encounter motivates Jane to undertake a documentary project to uncover how growth hormones poison women’s bodies.

The Classic

by John Steinbeck

The mother of all eco-fictions, a book that chronicles a man-made climate disaster before we knew what to call it. The dispossessed, hungry, and homeless migrate through baking dust in search of better lives, only to be turned back by callously protectionist locals. Sound familiar? It’s also a heartbreaking testament to the fact that eco-fiction need not be speculative.

And even the most hard-hearted readers will be softened by Steinbeck’s eternally revolutionary idea: “Maybe all men got one big soul ever’body’s a part of.”

The Thriller

State of Fear takes the reader from the glaciers of Iceland to the volcanoes of Antarctica, from the Arizona desert to the deadly jungles of the Solomon Islands, and from the streets of Paris to the beaches of Los Angeles.

Thus begins Michael Crichton's exciting and provocative technothriller, State of Fear.


by Stephen Markley

In the first decades of the 21st century, the world is convulsing, its governments mired in gridlock while a patient but unrelenting ecological crisis looms. America is in upheaval, battered by violent weather and extreme politics.

Tony Pietrus, a scientist studying undersea methane deposits, receives a death threat. His fate will become bound to a stunning cast of characters and a brazen young activist named Kate Morris, who begins a project that will alter the course of the decades to come.

Let us know what you read in 2023!


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