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App Update: Rewards

Inspire sustainability.

We're proud to partner with Liquid Death Mountain Water to celebrate your positive impact on the planet. They are gifting 100 sample packs to Viro users - claim yours before we run out!

Read about Liquid Death's sustainability initiatives here. #DEATHTOPLASTIC

We want to connect you with climate-conscious brands making ethical products. There are so many things being marketed to us on a daily basis, and our goal is to bring you the best sustainable alternatives manufactured with people and planet in mind.

How to Redeem

  • Update to the newest Viro app version (1.1)

  • Start your Streak

  • Navigate to Rewards and redeem!

It's that simple.

What brands should we work with?

Please let us know. Fill out this form on our website. We'll reach out and tell them they are valued in the Viro community.

Please enjoy your free Liquid Death Mountain Water. This is just the beginning of discounts, exclusive perks, and free stuff!

You matter—your actions matter.

Let's be a positive impact on the world.


Viro Web (1366 × 1000 px) (1).png
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