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Viro for Microsoft Teams
Admin Documentation

Welcome to Viro! As an Admin, you play a crucial role in ensuring your team gets the most out of Viro's features. This guide will help you effectively manage and optimize Viro within your Microsoft Teams environment.

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Key Things to Know

Metrics - Carbon pollution (CO2e) reduction is calculated using the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) greenhouse gas equivalencies calculator. This calculator uses marginal emissions rates. 

Challenges - Viro hosts 1 individual challenge per month. Challenge prizes are emailed directly to winners in the form of gift cards at no cost to your organization. Admins can create additional individual and team challenges. Viro is not responsible for rewarding custom (Admin created) challenge prizes.

Activity Ring - Users are encouraged to close the activity ring by completing 3 eco-actions each day. 


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Full List of Eco-actions - Actions are divided into 3 categories: Eat, Move, Renew.

  • Eat - Vegan Meal, Vegetarian Meal, Pescatarian Meal, Farm to Table Meal

  • Move - Walk / Bike, Carpool, Electric Vehicle, Public Transportation

  • Renew - Recycle, Refill, Compost, Bring Your Own 

Download Impact Metrics

Admins may download an .xls file of all user activity and metrics at any time. To request an Impact Summary for your organization's sustainability report, email

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Admin Roles

Admin view is only available on desktop, not mobile or tablet view. 

  • Manage Admins - Add or remove Admin access to users in your organization.

  • View Challenges - View upcoming challenges, remove challenges, or add challenges.

  • View Teams - View teams, remove teams, add teams, and manage team members. 

  • Learning - Add learning modules to Viro home screen. New learning modules replace the current learning module. Admins will receive information to update learning modules weekly. Admins may add custom learning modules at any time.

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Users compete as individuals or in teams to climb the leaderboard and win the challenge. Multiple challenges can be active at once and users can be involved in multiple active challenges at once. There can only be one team challenge at a time - team challenge dates cannot overlap.

  • View Challenges - This is a list of all upcoming challenges. Challenges can not be edited, only deleted. Press the X to delete a challenge.

  • Add Challenges - Add a custom individual or team challenge for your organization. Viro is not responsible for rewarding custom challenge prizes. At onboarding, Admins will receive information to add upcoming challenges.

    • Individual Challenge - All users compete individually to climb the leaderboard.

    • Team Challenge - Admins may create teams for a custom challenge by assigning individuals in their organization to a team. The total number of actions by each team determines the winning team. When creating teams, be sure to have approximately the same number of users on each team.

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  • Add Teams - Add a team to your custom team challenge by entering a team name and icon.

  • Edit Team Members - Add or remove team members to custom challenge teams.

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Viro hosts 12 individual challenges per year (monthly) with prizes. Winners of these challenges earn prizes in the form of emailed gift cards. All users in an organization are included in all individual challenges.

  • Leaderboard - View users and teams with most actions completed.

  • Winners - By default, top 5 winners earn a prize from individual challenges. This can be changed at any time by contacting 

*Viro is not responsible for rewarding prizes for custom challenges created by an organization.



Educational content and sustainability tips are accessible on the home screen. Topics and viewership metrics are available in the Impact Summary.

  • Learning Modules - Add a learning module by inputting Title, URL, and Image to Add Learning Module screen. Upon submission, the Learning Module will be featured on the Home screen. Viro Admins will receive emails with information and instructions to update learning modules weekly. 

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Leveraging Microsoft's Copilot technology, AI image detection is accessible for all users. Simply upload an image or snap a photo from your device for Copilot to auto-detect the completed action. This ensures transparency and accuracy for impact metrics.

Please contact with any further troubleshooting.

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