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Introducing Viro Verify

Simplifying Sustainability

We are excited to unveil Viro Verify, the latest feature designed to make your eco-action logging smoother than ever. At Viro, we understand that every moment spent making a positive impact on our planet counts. That's why we've harnessed the power of visual recognition technology to simplify the process of logging your sustainable activities. With Viro Verify, reducing carbon pollution has never been easier—just point your camera, and we'll handle the rest!


What eco-actions can I Verify?

Bring Your Own Cup ☕: Say no to single-use cups! Bring your own cup and log this simple yet impactful action for waste reduction.

Bring Your Own Bag 🛍️: Ditch the plastic and bring your reusable bag wherever you go. Log this habit to help combat plastic pollution.

Refill 💧: Opt for refills to reduce single-use plastic bottles. By logging refills, you contribute to cleaner oceans and a healthier planet. 

Vegan Meal 🌱: Choose plant-based power! Logging vegan meals helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserves valuable resources.

Vegetarian Meal 🥗: Embrace vegetarianism and make a difference with every meatless meal. Log your vegetarian choices for a more sustainable diet.


Organic Produce 🍅: Opt for organic foods to support sustainable farming practices and healthier ecosystems. Log your organic produce purchases and encourage mindful eating.


Recycle Cardboard ♻️: Flatten those boxes and recycle with ease. By logging cardboard recycling, you contribute to a cleaner environment.

Recycle Aluminum ♻️: Give aluminum a second life! Log your aluminum recycling efforts to conserve energy and natural resources.

Recycle Glass ♻️: Keep the glass recycling loop going strong. Record your glass recycling actions to support circular economy practices.

Recycle Paper ♻️: Preserve forests by recycling paper products. Logging your paper recycling promotes responsible resource management.

Electric Vehicle 🚗: Reduce your carbon footprint by choosing electric vehicles for your transportation needs. Log your EV rides and take pride in minimizing emissions.

Bike 🚲: Pedal your way to sustainability! Choose biking as your eco-friendly mode of transport and watch your positive impact grow.

Walk 👣: Every step counts! Record your walking journeys and embrace this simple yet impactful eco-action for your health and the environment.

Carpool 🚗: Share the ride, share the joy! Carpooling reduces traffic and emissions—log your carpool trips to inspire others to join in.

🔍 About Viro Verify's Recognition Accuracy 🔍

We strive for excellence in recognizing your eco-actions, but perfection takes time! We acknowledge that Viro Verify may not always identify the correct eco-action accurately. However, rest assured that we're continuously fine-tuning our visual recognition technology to provide you with the best possible experience.

🌱 Together, Let's Create a Sustainable World! 🌱

Each eco-action logged on Viro Verify contributes to a bigger cause—the preservation of our planet for future generations. By choosing sustainable practices, you inspire others to follow suit and create a collective impact. Let's embrace the journey towards a greener future, one eco-action at a time!

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