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Welcome to Viro!
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If you're here you want to empower change the world.

How to use Viro

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  • What is CO2e reduced?

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Closing the Activity Ring

Completing 3 actions in 1 day to close your Activity Ring. The Activity Ring resets each night at midnight.

What is co2e reduced?

"CO2e reduced" refers to the amount of carbon dioxide equivalent that is reduced or prevented from being emitted into the atmosphere. This measurement includes not only CO2, but also other greenhouse gases like methane and nitrous oxide, expressed in terms of the global warming potential of carbon dioxide.

Viro calculates CO2e reduction in pounds using Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) metrics.


My Activity

View your individual stats for the current day.

My Stats
View the total number of actions you have logged and carbon pollution reduced.

My Team
If a Team Challenge is active, view your team and members.


Log an Action

Log real-world environmental action to contribute to closing your Activity Ring and calculate CO2e reduction.

Actions are divided into three categories, view the list below. 


Vegetarian Meal

Vegan Meal

Pescatarian Meal

Farm-to-Table Meal

Bike / Walk
Electric Vehicle
Public Transportation


Bring Your Own

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